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Boat Helm

Nationally Recognized Education for the Recreational

Better boaters feel more confident on the water, at the helm, and in the company of other boaters. They're boaters who boat more, boat more safely, and have more fun.

Learn as much as you want.

Choose from any full course or seminar that interests you. Courses are comprehensive, in-depth and usually require 12-16 hours over 6-8 weeks. Seminars are focused 2-hour workshops on a variety of boating subjects. You can mix and match to suit your boating education needs, and our members can help guide you.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced — whatever your skill level, our in-depth boating education courses will boost your knowledge and confidence on the water.

  • America’s Boating Course gives you the basics you need to get out on the water safely and counts for NC and SC Boater Certification. . For those in NC, any person born on or after January 1, 1988 must complete a NASBLA approved boating education course before operating any vessel propelled by a motor of 10 HP or greater. For those in SC, effective 08/18/2023, boaters born after July 1, 2007 are required by law to pass an approved boater education course before operating a boat, personal watercraft, or a specialty propcraft powered by 10 HP motor or more. See our current list of course dates and locations here and sign up.

  • Sail lets you learn about basic sailboat designs and nomenclature, rigging, and safety from experienced sailors. Then tackle the physical aspects of all forces and techniques, sail applications, marlinespike, helmsmanship, and handling of all difficult conditions.

  • Weather is a detailed study of the causes of weather, various types of storms, clouds, and predicting weather.

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